Ta Prohm a big disappointment

Ta Prohm temple was constructed in 1186 AD at the end of 12th century, by king Jayavarman VII. He built this temple to dedicate to his mother(Jayashitamani), also to serve as a Buddhist temple. Ta Prohm ( Which mean Old Brahma) was just a new name, according to an inscription, the original name was Raja Vihara meaning The Royal Monastery“. Ta Prohm temple also is the one of the massive temple complexes in the Angkor area.

I have been to Ta Prohm many times, the first time before the Indian Government funded ”restoration” project began. What a wonderful place it was back then. Now, in my opinion, the restoration has gone way to far and looks more like a re-build, with many of the well known large trees being removed. Surely something could have been done to retain these icons of this site, but they are gone forever and the site for me has lots a lot of its charm and mystique.

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