Seriously considering X-Pro 1

I generally use Pro quality DSLR’s for most of my stuff but sometimes they are just to heavy, and unecessary, to carry around all day. I do not want to give up on the quality but neither do I want to shell out for a Leica. I have been seriously considering a Fuji X Pro 1 after my experiences with its little sister/brother the X100.


From reading all the reports and reviews this would seem to be a camera that would give me the quality I want but without the weight. I have an X100 that I really enjoy using and it give really HQ results, and to all intents and purposes the XPro1 is and X100 with interchangable lenses. The lenses are HQ and are said to give great results. Would be nice to go out and not come back exhausted from carrying around a couple of ”heavyweight” DSLR’s. The whole kit is far less than you would pay for an M9 body (OK I am not going to get into the Leica debate). The bodies as a reasonable price new but can be got for even better prices on ebay. Lenses come a little more expensive but have a pretty decent selection.


Will be looking around at the deals when I go back to UK in February …..

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