My Sensor needs a Clean

My Canon 1Ds Mk1 is really showing signs of needing a good sensor clean. I have tried all the usual dry clean techniques, blower bulb etc with little effect the crap is really ingrained.

Dry Clean did not work.


Needs to go for a good wet clean but I don’t know of anyone in Cambodia that I would trust the job too. Its a fine old camera that takes great pictures. Anyone have any suggestions in Cambodia I would be grateful of your input. If I had the correct tools and fluids for the job I would do it myself.

*** well I went out and found some dry cleaning wands but could not find any cleaning fluid. Tried a blow and a dry wipe with very little effect. Decided to try some stuff I use for cleaning my lenses (not recommended for sensors) but after reasearching on the net other people had used ROR (residual oil remover) for this purpose with success. So I tried a gentle wet wipe with ROR follow by a dry wipe to remove any excess and hey presto a 98% clean sensor, jus a few corner dots which are no real problem.

Second (wet) clean (much improved)


This sensor is now fully usable and has not been so clean for quite a while. *** please do not try this if you are worried but the sensor does not appear to have come to any harm ***


All these images were taken at f10 which is much smaller than I would normally use when shooting, to highlight the dirt on the sensor. At my normal apertures from f2.8 to f5.6 I suspect any remaining dust bunnies will not show.

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