Fuji X Pro 1 review

I have had the Fuji X Pro1 for a little over 2 weeks and am still finding my way around it. The camera has a lovely solid, well made feel to it, not to heavy or overly large but substantial enough to take it out of the ”toy camera” range. This is no toy, a true professional camera in my opinion.


The only lens I have for it is the 18-55 Fuji zoom. Using the camera with a zoom lens has a bit of  LEARNING CURVE but the results so far have been impressive. I like the use the optical viewfinder but this does bring a few difficulties when using a zoom.


I really like the colors this camera is able to produce and the exposure system is very good. Focusing is reasonable fast ( I updated the firmware for the lens) as long as you understand how it works and use it accordingly, you do have to attach your brain and think sometimes to get the best from it.

pic_additional_02The quality of the X Trans sensor is not up for debate, it is simple superb. It gives me equal or sometimes even better production than I get from my Canon 1D MKIV and even in low light and high ISO (3200) gives really usable results. Having used the camera in a few different situations, different lights, I have found the exposure system to be accurate and reliable with a little thought and the exposure compensation is so easy to apply (also a little easy to knock and needs to be checked before shooting).





More to come SOON !!!

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