My X Pro on the Gold Coast in Queensland

First real trip with the X Pro as my primary camera so what do I think of it.

Had to go with a friend to Australia for him to visit hospital for treatment so after dropping him at the hospital I had 2 days to see the best and the worst of the gold coast. Flying Air Asia weight was at a premium so I just packed my Domke bag with the X Pro and X100, lots of batteries and cards, two tee shirts, a spare pair of socks and my Kindle Fire and off we went.


Once I dropped the clothing at the hotel the weight of the 2 cameras was great, could carry them around all day without even feeling it. Normally for a trip such as this I would carry my Canon 1D MkIV and a few lenses but that kit is very heavy and this basically encouraged me to leave it all behind.

Having used both these cameras for a while I was not to concerned about the quality of the pictures that they could produce, both produce excellent HQ images, but my choice of lenses was reduced in comparison to my Canon gear, would I miss this I asked myself. The answer to this is a resounding no. I used the X Pro with the excellent 18-55 IS which I found to be super sharp and covered most of my bases with a little thought on my part. The fixed lens on the X100 is very capable.


I use mainly the Optical Viewfinder on both cameras, one of the things that attracted me to the cameras in the first place, the AF is fine and usually hits the nail on the head first time. I am not that keen on the electronic viewfinder as I find it hard to see but will use it on occassion.

I must say, after many years of using DSLR’s, getting used to the X series cameras is somewhat of a learning curve, you have to think and operate a little differently. Sometimes I get it right.


I am not a technical photographer, I take pictures, so I will not be including technical information in this summary. I am much more about how it feels to take pictures with a camera and does it do what I want from it. I demand HQ images, with good sharpness and contrast, an AF system that works and build quality that will last. The X Pro1 has all these features plus it feels good in the hand and itself is stylish and handsome.


Despite being capable of HQ images it is much less obtrusive when being used around the street although for other photographers it does produce the odd interesting conversation.


So will I be getting rid of my DSLR’s, I think not as there are things that they can do for me that the X Pro just was not designed for. When I travel the X Pro will be my Primary camera (depending on the job in hand). It is a superb camera when used correctly.

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