07/08/65 – 28/05/15

I had some sad news yesterday that the friend I had accompanied back to Australia from Cambodia had passed away in hospital in Brisbane.

Shane had been suffering from a heart condition that quickly deteriorated and lead to his death.


Shane on arrival at the hospital in Australia 7 weeks ago

I had known Shane for about 6 years and during that time had found him to be a gentleman, who liked to enjoy himself and was regularly seen out and around the town. He was a man that had traveled the world and had mainly worked in the hotel and entertainment industries. I remember vividly some of the stories he told me about his time in the UK.

He was known by many people in Phnom Penh and was involved at various times in the running of several hotels and bars in the city. He was always willing to help people and was involved with various charitable organisations.


In Sihanoukville

Shane had many friends here in Cambodia both among the expat population and also local Cambodian people. His sense of humor and general likability, brought him close to all who new him, he was always ready for a laugh and a few beers. He could also be a tough old bird and one not to be crossed. I am sure he is looking down on us now with an exceptionally cold beer in his hand, or if he has gone downstairs then he’s looking for the fridge if there’s any to be found he will find it.

Shane a good Aussie that will be missed, never heard a bad word said about him but have heard him say a few bad words from time to time when needed.


Shane with friends at The Walkabout Pub


Shane helping at Operation Smile

Shane playing Santa at Aogaah Foundations fundraiser

Shane playing Santa at Aogaah Foundations fundraiser with the teachers from the school

Shane as Santa

Shane as Santa

Goodbye Shane and good luck in your new world, hope they have some Anchor for you and no more hospitals to loose your shoes (that’s another story) …


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