Boray Keila, Cambodia : a picture display


On 3rd January 2012, roughly between the hours of 6am until 11am, armed forces consisting of policemen, military police and the security forces of the Phanimex company, in addition to local authorities and hired workers, raided and destroyed people’s homes, and arrested eleven people at Borei Keila in Phnom Penh, all in the name of development.

Many of these people still exist there in a semi perminent state of not knowing.

10 multi story housing developments were planned and promised but only 8 were ever build the company siting lack of money as the reason. The has left many people who were illegally evicted with homes.







XPro 1855-13326

The squalor and deprivation that can be seen in these images is real and pervasive but nobody appears to have the will or the resources to complete the job and provide these, some of the poorest families in Phnom Penh, with a decent place to live.

XPro 1855-13325

XPro 1855-13321XPro 1855-13320

XPro 1855-13319

XPro 1855-13318

XPro 1855-13314

XPro 1855-13312


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