A Morning in Boray Keila, Cambodia

Spent a pleasant morning on a walk around Boray Keila with a friend from Denmark, Jens Anderson, a fellow photographer.
IKM13923Jens is on holiday and had never been to Borak Keila before and was surprised how friendly the people were but also the harsh conditions they live in.IKM13925We spent most of the morning walking around, taking pictures, and talking with the local people. A number of recent changes were evident following more people being re-housed or paid of. There are still many people waiting for re-housing or compensation.IKM13929Jens can be seen here taking this old ladies image, she was so pleased and smiling from ear to ear, by the attention. These people live such a hard life and many have be waiting for years for a conclusion to the plight.IKM13932

IKM13933As can well be seen in the pictures here the living conditions are certainly less than ideal, even for those who received a home following their eviction. Smelly, with piles of garbage strewn everywhere and people living in absolute squallor. It is strange how these people seem to maintain a smile and a welcome for strangers and continue to work through their destitution.IKM13937

IKM13942We were both using Fuji cameras and lenses, X100t and X Pro 1 with a selection of different lenses. The X series cameras are great for this type of work, they are light weight, give great colors and do not frighten people like a big Pro DSLR might. We have both been using X series cameras for quite some timeIKM13945and would highly recommend them. They do exactly what is described on the label. I used the 18-55 zoom lens for these pictures and it is so sharp gives great result and the Vibration Reduction works very well.IKM13954







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