Making Prints

Back in the day, the analog era, I lived to get back into my darkroom and make prints from the images I had taken, this pretty much came to a stop when I went fully digital and I mainly viewed my images on a large screen in photoshop.

I have recently re-discovered the beauty of large print A4 to A3+ after having some of my work printed by the Fuji shop here in Phnom Penh. The prints came out very good but I really wanted to control the whole process. So I searched around for an A3+ inkjet printer that was affordable and gave high quality results. I came across the Epson Claria PM-G4500, picking up an excellent used model with a 6 color CSS system.

7_00601511214After some experimentation and lots of prints to get my system calibrated to use this printer, it is working very well giving excellent color and definition. I am getting results that I am happy with. Inks are not a real problem but getting good quality printing paper in Cambodia is not easy.

I also bought a good A4 three in one printer, also 6 color CSS and this works brilliantly when I need small prints, color matched on the same paper stock and for general office printing and copying


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