Pro Bono Photography : Documenting a project.

Working Pro Bono is not working for nothing. The photographer gains in many other ways than financial. Some may ask why would anyone want to work for no financial gain. That is a complex question to answer.


ALTRUISM : unselfish regard for or devotion to the welfare of others.

GIVING : freely transfer the possession of (something) to (someone). To aid and benefit others, through cooperation and support.

WITNESS : To be an eyewitness and observer of the people giving freely of their time and hard work to enable others to move forward in life. I would hope my work and pictures are a testimony to this.


So if to earn money is not goal then what do I get from doing this work ”for nothing”.

  1. An emotional feeling of giving something back to the people who have welcomed me to their country and homes.
  2. I get to tell a story.
  3. I have nobody laying demands or trying to tell me what story to tell.
  4. Meeting new and like minded people who have a purpose.
  5. Witnessing that there are good people, who care for others, in this world and not just politicians who give the impression of caring. These people actually come and sweat and labor, at their own cost, to help others who are less fortunate.

IKML3328 IKML3347 IKML3351 IKML3362 IKML3385-Edit IKML3449-Edit IKML3534 IKML3456 IKML3562IKML3600 LH3A0946 LH3A0950 LH3A0965 LH3A1048

The people seen in these pictures came from all over the world, Germany, England, America, Israel to help complete a home building project, with little or no time to acclimatize to the conditions and heat of Cambodia, and after having traveled thousands of miles, they got to work doing things many of them had never done before, laying floorboards and hanging metal siding, some had obviously never knocked in a nail before but they learned quickly.

LH3A1057 LH3A1146

The heat was exhausting (38 to 40+ ‘C), and regular dousing with water was needed. They all worked hard and got the job done.

IKML3769 IKML4437

Their hard work, I am certain, helped change the lives of the Cambodian villagers for the better. The feeling of satisfaction and the looks on the Villagers and Volunteers faces after the job was completed was worth way more than money to me.

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