To Preah Vihear Province with for Peace.

5819Working hand in glove with Tabatha Organization the for Peace organization brings teams of people from all over the world to assist in the finishing rudimentary houses, saved for by village people, with the assistance of the Tabatha savings program.57985827These house are a dramatic improvement over the houses the people currently live in. The majority of these people would not be able to afford these houses without some help from donors but they are encouraged to make a monthly, affordable, commitment themselves and over time can improve there own circumstances.58925930 5942 6376 6650 68256864 6442 6433 6380 6630All participants need a good pat on the back for a job well done.



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    Margret Ellwanger April 27, 2016

    Dear Ian,
    thanks so much for your support. YOu are a great photographer, but an even greater human being.
    We really appreciate all your kindness and contributions to the team. Seriously, you increase the “team spirit” barometer reading significantly.

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      admin May 8, 2016

      Thanks Margret your thoughts are appreciated.

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