My Thoughts on the X Cameras from Fuji

666-fujifilmxpro1top_1331565047I have been using X Pro 1 cameras from Fuji for the last years or so after I found it increasingly a chore to carry my heavyweight Canon system. I wanted something that could give me similar (or better) results but weigh in at less that a sumo wrestler.

cropped_backI have always carried, and been reasonably satisfied with a Canon G11 but found its fixed zoom lens to be limiting so I decided to look around at offerings from other manufacturers. I checked out Sony, Panasonic and Leica but really like the styling coming from the Fuji camp.

Fujifilm_X-Pro1_front_450My first real foray into the X camp was not with the X Pro but with the X100. A friend had one for sale at an irrisistable price and although I had some reservations about the fixed lens these were soon overcome by the amazingly high quality of the images that this little camera could produce. The color and sharpness were spectacular and the JPEGS straight from the camera sublime. I was pretty much hooked.

To be honest though the cost of the X Pro when it first came out had put me off, very expensive, but after a while the price started to drop and a good used version could be had for a more realistic price. I plumped for one on ebay which turned out to be excellent, hardly used and with lots of extras with it. I also managed to pick up the 3 lenses I wanted, the 18-55, the 27 and the 18 for less than I expected, followed later by the 35mm f1.4IKM13916

So what is it about the X Pro that attracted me to it in the first instance.

  1. Loved its retro look and design.
  2. Weight (or lack of it).
  3. Image quality.
  4. Its direct viewfinder.
  5. Fuji support and updates.
  6. Lens quality.

I spent a lot of time reading about the camera and delving into the many reviews that had become available on the net, weighing the pro’s and cons before actually purchasing. When the camera finally arrived I was not disappointed (except that I had to find a +3 diopter lens for the finder), the camera was in great condition and I went through the manual (downloaded from Fuji) to get to know and understand its functions. I also updated the Firmware that had be released by Fuji the previous month.


Learning to use this camera, as with any camera, takes a little time and a little backup reading of the manual but a camera is a camera and the way it functioned was soon learned, as was what it was not particularly good at.


The lens that I was using the most initially was the Fuji 18-55 and the results for a standard zoom were pretty damned good and it fitted well with the  hybrid viewfinder and with a little practice using it with the optical finder became easy, its not 100% accurate but close enough once I got the knack of it.


 To be continued

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