Kem Lay Taken Home – in pictures

Dr. Kem Ley was a much respected Cambodian political commentator who was unafraid to tell his stories in an environment that I am sure he knew was potentially of significant danger. He was murdered 3 weeks ago.

His death has be blamed on the alleged none repayment of a $3000 loan to a man unknown to his family. The family deny any debt. Many people believe the killing was politically motivated.

Some questions about the man who actually committed the murder. He was a poor ex monk and farmer who was apparently without the resources to give a loan to anybody. How did he afford to buy a new Glock pistol worth at least $2500 US. Why were the police on the scene so fast, fast enough to catch him.

I suspect true answers to who killed this man will never emerge but the political intrigue and stories of who is to blame will continue and gain speed. It would be all to easy to blame current political leaders, and I’m sure Kem Ley was a thorn in their side but how do they benefit if they turn the man into a martyr, which he has certainly become. I see little benefit to them, others may benefit more. The ideas can be made to go around in a big circle.

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