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Like your favorite pair of jeans, Domke bags get better with age and with the new Domke Ruggedwear collection you don’t have to wait. The fabric produces a unique distressed and weathered look right from the start. The Ruggedwear classic bags feature high-quality, weather-tough, durable cotton canvas that is treated with special non-solvent waxes to afford the fabric a lifelong resistance to inclement weather. The special formula allows the fabric to breathe while the waxes produce a unique, timeless, weathered, distressed patina finish. By using the included refinishing oil, bags can be restored to its original finish quickly and easily. Resized to fit today’s digital SLR’s, but still deceptively compact, this is the bag to grab when the assignment doesn’t call for dozens of pieces of equipment. No space wasted, because the inside and outside dimensions are nearly identical. The result is a very inconspicuous camera bag that carries a surprising amount of gear. Includes removable, padded partition wall, adjustable non-slip Gripper™ Strap with durable cotton webbing, removable hand carrying strap, YKK zippers, and steel snap hook Ideal For: 1 Pro SLR, 2-3 lenses, pro flash and accessories.


I have gone through dozens of bags over my decade long tenure as a photographer. The bags for professional shoots are easy to select. They have to be big, and strong, and offer tons of protection. However, its the bags for personal street photography that offer the biggest challenge. They have to fit the following requirements: 1, they must make it very easy to reach your gear, and change lenses on the fly. 2. They have to be ergonomic and comfortable. 3. They must not make you stand out. I have eyed the Domke FX3 for a very long time, but honestly, could not justify $150 for a compact canvas bag. Having owned it now for only a few street photography outings, I repent of my short sighted procrastination. The bag is designed by a photographer, for a photographer. It is very rugged and has everything you need, and nothing you don’t. Nothing has to be squeezed in. It fits perfectly. I highly recommend it.


I have several camera bags all serving a different purpose. The Domke F3 is great if you want to carry around a body, a couple of lenses and some other miscellaneous items. I usually travel with my Kindle, iPhone, Zune player, wallet, filters, Giotto Rocket, microfiber towel, extra memory cards and battery. No problem fitting it all in.


The bag has two interior compartments to stand up lenses. The bottom of the lens compartment is open, so if you throw something small in them, like keys, they will slide all over the bottom of the bag. The bag also has a couple of exterior pockets which are handy, just don’t put anything of value in them as someone could open the flap and take something out.


The bag cover also has an internal zippered compartment which is great. I have a small credit card sized wallet that I usually use that goes into this zippered slot. Finally, since the sides and the bottom of the bag are non-cushioned canvas fabric, the bag will conform to your body, depending upon how heavy you have loaded it. Also since there is little to the structure, it packs up very small in a suitcase. Overall great bag, one of may favorites!

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