Fuji X Pro1 is it obsolete.

I have been using the X Pro1 for the last 2 years and have found it to be a wonderful piece of engineering, it has its some idiosyncrasies but once learned they are easy to adapt to (it is no more difficult to use than a DSLR).


It is a solid piece of engineering but not heavy or in anyway unmanageable. Easily carried wherever you choose to go, and has a great selection of Fuji glass to go with it. It has now been superseded by the Fuji X Pro2 but does this mean it has become and obsolete camera. The X Pro2 is said to be a much improved version of the X Pro1 with some of its foibles ironed out, but again does this make the X Pro1 obsolete. Personally I think not, I use cameras to take pictures and the X Pro1 is still a very capable camera in that respect, it can be used to make fine images and has IMO enough megapixels to do the kind of shooting I enjoy. A camera, after all, is just a tool. Does a hammer become obsolete because they have brought out a new style of hammer. Its just a tool.

cropped_backYes some things on the X Pro2 have been improved but it still only does the same thing as the X Pro1, it just does them a little easier. Would I buy an X Pro2, yes of course if I had the cash, but I don’t. The benefits over the X Pro1 have not yet persuaded me to go on a diet and save my money to buy a new camera.


So when does a camera become obsolete, is it when the manufacturers tell us so or is it when we as photographers decide that the tool we are using no longer gets the job done. Only the individual photographer can answer that question.

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