HQ images with Fuji X cameras & lenses



The HQ images that the X cameras and lens are able to produce have made it the perfect travel camera. The lightweight design has in no way compromised the image quality.

On many of my trips before I have carried, much to my aging backs dismay, 2 Pro DSLR’s with 3 or 4 lenses with a total weight of over 20Kg. Two heavy for carry on baggage (mostly sneaked through) but the danger of checking in (and the extra cost) set me looking for a lighter way to travel but without loosing any quality. I looked around for a long time, considering all my options, then a friend of mine offered me an X100 that he was selling so he could upgrade, the price was good and he assured me off the quality. On this he was right, the quality possible was excellent. I initially used the camera as an adjunct to my DSLR’s (which I still have and use but the way) but gradually began to use it more and more. It was so light and easy to use and the pictures were stunning, great color and sharpness from the fixed lens.20141105-DSCF0049

I actually started using the camera on a few jobs as my main camera and had no complaints about the images it produced.



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