For me the face is the most important feature of a human being. The expressions are endless and make very interesting pictures.

x100-2225-editcanon-4696What can you see in a face that makes a picture so interesting. The human ability to display emotion by using the muscles of the face in almost limitless ways to express anger, happiness, hate, love, frustration, sadness is the reason I find a never ending supply of pictures to make.X100-2162-Edituntitled-545 untitled-548IMG_5710IMG_5593 X100-1688 JWI2015-3631IKML8712 1DMkIV-103BW16x20 Xpro1-18-12239 untitled-22008BW IKML0105-Edit Large Blog ImageIMG_9179-Edit IKM_0451-Edit IKM_0394-EditFusionAsia Photography ikm-6677 ikml8593 ikml8850 ikml9225-edit-2 ikmm0005

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