Playing with Monochrome

Its the rainy season here in Cambodia right now giving lots of time for processing and re-processing of images so I have been playing around with Silver FX Pro 2 and turn some of my color images into Black and White.ikmm0143I have always loved BW images, I cut my teeth many years ago using Kodak Tri X and Silver FX Pro 2 is a piece of software, used from within LR4, that appears to be able to take me back to those times, but without the smelly chemicals and need for a darkroom.ikml8802It takes a little time, and patience, to learn the basics of how to use the program and decide how you want you images to look. Only certain images seem to work well in BW. A good tonal range within the color image seems to help. I am still experimenting trying to get the results I see in my minds eye.

ikml8593aSome images work better in BW than others. Using to software you can decide how you want your images to look but try, as I have found, not too push the image to far. Detail is great but to much detail can be unflattering and distracting. After some experimentation I have found (I like detail, too much sometimes), that if I back it down a couple of notches from what I would think was best it actually works for me.



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