Camera or Photographer

How many times have I heard ” you must have a great camera to take pictures like that ”. So one has to ask the question is a great or even good picture taken by the camera or does the photographer have more than a little to do with the outcome.XPRO3514-5617-EditIs the content of the image much more important than the camera with which it was taken. Does it really matter what camera was used or what lens. I have heard it said many times that a good photographer can make a decent image with any camera.0081The first two images seen here were taken with different cameras, one fairly new and one that I am sure many would consider obsolete, can you tell which image was taken with which camera ? The camera is an important tool, difficult to make pictures without one, but does it need to state of the art or can good pictures be taken with all cameras, including the one built into your phone. It therefore begs the question does the ”amateur or hobby photographer” need the same equipment as the ”professional”. Professional photographic tools, both cameras and lenses are expensive. They are built to be durable and stand the test of a hard working life in many different condition, taking hundreds of thousands of frames reliably and without fail. The professional depends on his/her gear to provide their bread and butter. If any photographer can afford to purchase this level of gear then I say go ahead, but it will not make you any better a photographer just because it cost $10,000 .. equally good pictures can be made using cameras and lenses that cost much less.IMG_5593So, if we accept, similar images can be taken with all kinds of camera lens combinations, is it the camera that matters or how the photographer uses whatever tool he chooses to make the image. I choose to buy the best cameras and lenses I can afford, not because they make better pictures or make me a better photographer but because they are made to last and I am not a follower of fads. Yes newer cameras have developed in areas older cameras could not, high ISO’s are now possible that were unthought of 10 years ago, yet some days I still use camera bodies that are older than that and are still capable picture takers.0077What camera brand or type a photographer chooses to use will not make a better photographer of he or she. Only thought, skill and knowing how to get the desired result from that equipment consistently will make a photographer. All the cash in the world to buy fancy gear cannot replace this. The photographer, not the camera makes the picture. The camera cannot see or think, the brain and eye of the photographer is irreplaceable.20141101-DSCF9984-Edit

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