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Ian Kydd’Miller (aka Fusion). I am a Freelance Photographer currently living and working in South East Asia, and my involvement, and exposure to photography stems back nearly some fourty Years.  I realizes that with my experience, and time in Photography, that you can’t just rely on your past knowledge, the Digital Age, will not allow it, knowledge and experience is never-ending.

Ian Kydd Miller  :  Joe Garrison Image ©

My first camera, apart from my Dads old Brownie Box, was a Chinon CS with a 50mm f1.8 lens, no automation and a great cheap camera to learn the basics on. I quickly moved on to a Nikon F with a selection of Nikkor lenses bought second-hand, mainly primes from 28mm to 300mm, no zooms at this point. This led to a Nikon F2 with a motor drive picked up whilst I was travelling in the USA, California (San Francisco if I remember correctly) a real modern classic, I still have both these cameras and use them sometimes when film is requested.

My first ‘real’ digital camera was a Kodak DCS 520 (Review) followed shortly after by a Kodak DCS 620 (Review) both extremely expensive and ground breaking camera as in there day, obsolete now but still taking perfectly acceptable images and I can use all my MF Nikkor lenses with the 620 and retain metering.


My main camera is now the  Canon 1D MkIV 16MP and I am very impressed with it. This is supported by a Canon 1D,1D Mk2 & 40D, 10D and Powershot G11. My favourite street camara is the Fuji X100. I use Canon & Sigma lenses (10-20 EX & 15-30 DG plus a Canon 24-105 IS f4 USM and 70-200 f2.8L USM) plus a Nikon D2HS with a selection of Nikkor lenses. I am also now using the Fuji X Pro for a lot of my street work, great camera with some great glass.


Why CANON ?? Why NIKON ?? Why FUJI

I have no particular preference between brand and finds that they all are much the same. I likes the  smoothness of the Canon images and admire there reliability under extremes. Nikon I find  the images more gritty and film like (especially the D2HS) and for some images this is what I like and for this reason I run the two systems in tandem. Nikkor glass in my opinion still unbeatable and I still uses a lot of my retained Nikkor A1s lenses, no AF but superb results.


I am currently based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.  I will be living almost exclusively in Phnom Penh City and using this as my base for further freelance work and the exploration of the whole of South East Asia.


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