Kids International Dental Services

Annually for the last 5 years I have had the opportunity to follow the work of a group of Volunteer Dentists who come to Cambodia and travel to remote villages and offer Dental care to children.

Dr. Bob

The team was organized and set up by retired orthodontist Dr. Robert Renner with the help of his wife Purobi

Early morning starts are a fact of life

The team gathers in Phnom Penh and come from many different parts of the world and many backgrounds in Dentistry. They are support by volunteer lay people, again from a multinational cultures examples being, USA, UK, Japan, China.

Keeping the Kids occupied whilst they wait to see the dentist is hard work

Dentist at work

Robin, one of the lay volunteers keeps the Dentists supplied with clean instruments and anaestetics

Volunteers apply Fluride

Waiting to see the Dentist, a little nervous

Children are examined by a senior Dentist prior to treatment. Steve talks with the interpreter during the examination

No fancy chairs or plush dental offices here. The team works in the most basic of conditions using the school desks as operating tables.

Waiting their turn, papers in hand

A couple of the Lay Volunteers take a minute. Linda on the left, from USA is a regular and comes every year

Kids wait to see the dentist. They have little or no other opportunity for professional dental care as their families could not afford it

They are happy to wait for hours in the heat,uncomplaining

So many kids it can be hard to maintain control, they are like sand they can get everywhere, but Bernie does a grand job

With so many children the wait can be long but the kids are so patient

The work goes on

and ON

throughout the day, almost no stop

but can be fun

Teaching the kids how to care for their teeth is very important and would be impossible without good interpeters

Interpreter does his work






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