The Aogaah Foundation

The Aogaah Foundation, a small FREE school set up by a friend of mine Rick Mayer, a retired Maths teacher from Arizona, USA to give opportunities to impoverished children to get an education. The school is operated solely by Cambodian Teachers and they are the only ones who receive a salary.

To attend public school in Cambodia, students must pay a daily fee.Many poor and impoverished families can not afford to send their children to public school. Aogaah offers an alternative to public school. This alternative is certified by the Cambodian government and is referred to as Non-Formal Education. In Cambodia, many alternatives to public schooling are money making institutions.  But  Aogaah Foundation® rents rooms in an impoverished community. White boards, bulletin boards, lights, fans and student desks were installed.  Children stream in by the dozens, eager to learn and improve their quality of life. Community elders encourage families to send their children.

Rick Mayer or Teacher Rick as the Children call him

Aogaah’s school is in a community of approximately 300 families and is called a ‘Community School’. The families of the community feed the school with over 100 students.  The entire school’s annual budget, for all students, comes to less than what most states in America spend to educate just one student for a year. Aogaah educates over 100 students for this same amount.

The goal of Aogaah is to prepare students for meaningful employment by teaching them to read, write and perform simple mathematical calculations.

As an alternative to public school, Aogaah’s students can not go beyond Grade Six.  Before entering Grade Seven, a student must pass a Ministry of Education test and since Aogaah’s students have not been paying the daily fee to attend public school, they are not eligible to take the test.

Aogaah Foundation® is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization incorporated in America (Arizona).  Donations to Aogaah Foundation® can be mailed to the USA Phoenix, Arizona address or made via this web site and, thus made, they are tax exempt as permitted by law.  Click here for the mailing address and/or to make an on-line donation.











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